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Our clinical evaluation of each patient is done in multiple steps:

is to identify modifiable risk factors for age-related, potentially preventable disease (age-related disease kills approximately 100,000 people/daily).


  • Obesity
  • Physical inactivity
  • Hypertension
  • Insulin resistance (IR)
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Nutritional and vitamin deficiency
  • Unchecked stress
  • Smoking

LABORATORY TESTING and ANALYSIS. We take a sample of blood or saliva for a battery of laboratory tests.

As the goal is to detect and then follow up with any metabloic abnormalities and/or improve insulin sensitivity or blood pressure, lower serum inflammatory markers, improve levels of vitamins and optimize lipid profile. A baseline profile must be established to which future testing may be compared.

Listed below are major of those laboratory tests that are acting as benchmarks of health.

  • CBC (with differential) 
  • Metabolic/Nutrition
  • C-reactive protein (Inflamation) 
  • Homocysteine 
  • Metabolic/Nutrition
  • Lipid panel
  • Basic metabolic panel
  • Tumor Markers
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Endocrine (Hormone panel)
    • FSH and LH
    • Testosterone (free and total)
    • Estradiol
    • Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)
    • Thyroid panel with TSH
  • IGF (HGH)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Prostate-Specific Ag: MALES only


Just as biochemistry could be assessed and risk factors for disease established, so image of vasculature (blood vessels) and heart can quantify the amount of athererosclerotic disease present. Therefore, to further identify potential disease risk factors, a thorough cardiovascular and pulmonary assessment inclusive of carotid artery screen, echocardiogram, aortic diameter (aneurysm survey), femoral artery peripheral blood flow and pulmonary function is done. Ultrasound technology affords us the ability to not only detect vascular endothelial damage, but quantify and track plaque in presence of peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and/or size of atherosclerotic aneurysm of the abdominal aorta (AAA).

  • Hormonal Optimization
    • Bio-identical hormones are an adjunctive treatment with sometimes life-altering effects, but are only prescribed to those meeting stringent clinical and serologic criteria (and those without contraindications). Growth hormone and testosterone in particular may potentially be restored to their youthful levels. Many women are in need of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which not only can improve quality of life, but also prevent osteoporosis and its associated morbidities.
  • Score Antioxidants Level
    • Diagnostic scan to measure antioxidants, repeated after course of supplemental therapy.
  • Weight and Body Composition Assesment
  • Genetic Testing (in some cases)


  • Synthesizing the collected data inclusive of physical examination, laboratory and imaging findings.
  • Followed by incorporation of all mentenioned methodologies and by formulating a customized treatment plans that covers: nutrition, weight reduction, hormone optimization, peptides, antioxidants, exercise and stress reduction. Various pharmaceuticals (mostly natural/Bio-Identical) if are needed, may be prescribed and made by compounding pharmacy. IV fluids/solutions are also used to supplement depleted minerals and vitamins needed for rejuvination. Follow up by Physician and laboratory testing might be indicated every one to three months to determine effects and to adjust started therapy.
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Our patient-centered approach to identifying and diagnosing your hormone imbalance will identify the root cause of your symptoms and allow us to customize treatment. By integrating treatment with bio-identical hormones, integrative cardiology, nutrition, and weight loss, we will relieve the bothersome symptoms of aging and hormonal decline and will put you on the right path to wellness and longevity.

Tips to Remain Young
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Tips to Remain Young

Do you want to know the secret to looking and feeling younger? Well here it is, EXERCISE! Exercise has been proven to:

  • Slow Cell Aging
  • Keeps Your Skin Soft and Glowing
  • Relieves Stress
  • Reduce Belly Fat
  • Enhances Your Memory

The powers of a steady fitness routine are impressive: regular exercise can help you build stronger muscles, fight off chronic illnesses, and make your clothes fit a whole lot better. But there's another benefit of physical activity that deserves a shout-out: even moderate amounts of exercise seem to shave years off your age, no matter how many birthdays you've actually celebrated. Of course, you can't change your chronological age, but exercise can improve your health to the point where you look and feel younger than you really are.

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