B-12 Injections “Just What the Doctor Ordered”

B-12 Injections “Just What the Doctor Ordered”

B-12 deficiency can be brutal. At first you may feel an overall lack of energy. You think to yourself, this must the result of my job or the stress of everyday life. But then tingling sensations and muscle tremors start to appear. B-12 deficiency left untreated for a prolonged period can cause serious, permanent damage to your nervous system. This is the number one reason why you should rush to get your B-12 levels back up if you’re deficient.

But why exactly does it happen? Think of your brain and nerve system as a huge, dense tangle of wires. Around each of those wires, there’s an insulating sheath called myelin, and vitamin B-12 is involved in the synthesis and repair of this very protective layer. Without it neurons can’t conduct nerve impulses properly, and your body suffers.

So, suppose you touch a hot object. The nerves on your skin detect this and immediately transmit this info as a nerve impulse to your brain, which in turn orders your hand muscles to instinctively draw backwards. All of this happens in a fraction of a second. See why nerves are crucial?

This is the reason why B-12 deficient people often feel “pins and needles” and other nerve-related sensations. If you experience any of it, act fast. Permanent damage to nerve tissue can occur if left untreated for months. To minimize nerve damage, B-12 shots are essential for highly deficient people. Studies show that very high doses of methylcobalamin B-12 may promote neuronal function and enhance nerve regeneration.

B-12 Optimizes Your Hormones

Each cell in your body is surrounded by cell membranes. Without vitamin B-12’s stabilizing effect on those membranes, hormones are going to have a hard time entering your cells and may end up floating around in the bloodstream until excreted.

Are you deficient in B-12? Then refill your B-12 stores to optimize your hormones, and you will feel the difference. After a series of vitamin B-12 injections, most deficient people report a much better mood. You’re also likely to feel stronger, and with a healthier libido.

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