Low Testosterone (Low T)

Low Testosterone (Low T)

Low T (Testosterone) is a hormone produced in the body and gives males their “manly” characteristics. During puberty testosterone is responsible for building muscles, giving men the hair on their chest, and providing them with a deeper voice than women. After men reach the age of 30, a steady decline can be seen in testosterone levels. This is completely normal and is just a part of the aging process. However, as testosterone begins to decline other symptoms may begin to appear, such as sexual dysfunction, hair loss, or even loss in bone density.

Having Low T isn’t just about sexual dysfunction in men, but also has many other symptoms associated with it. Some men may notice that they are gaining weight or are unable to gain muscle mass like they once were able to. Others may notice a loss of energy or lack of motivation. Some men might even notice a loss of hair or mood swings. These are all symptoms caused by having Low T.

So is there a solution for treating Low T? And the answer is YES! At Paukman BioAge Clinic, Dr. Paukman first runs a panel of test to pinpoint the exact problem. From their he is able to customize a specific hormone therapy plan that stabilize your hormone levels, thus reducing the side effects you may be facing from the effects of Low T. Most patients notice a result within one day while some report that the therapy takes up to six months before seeing results.

At Paukman BioAge Clinic, our bio-identical hormones are delivered via implantation under the skin or through a cream applied to the skin, as opposed to traditional pills. This avoids them from being broken down in the liver to toxic products that can turn on cancer genes.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) allows for very flexible and individualized dosing as multiple hormones can be combined for balanced replacement that addresses multiple symptoms at once. They are prescribed, like other medications, and a specially trained pharmacist creates a custom compound that is specific for your therapy.

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