BHRT Treatment

  • Safer
  • Less risk of breast cancer
  • Less liver metabolism of hormone so less cancer-causing by-products
  • Equally effective as traditional hormone replacement therapy
  • By prescription only
  • Customized dosage to your needs
  • Available in many forms including implantable hormone pellets
  • Uses multiple hormones for restoration of natural hormonal balance
Natural Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

As you enter the mid-stages of your life, you may begin to experience symptoms that may affect your quality of life. Some people may experience weight loss, depression, and sleep issues, while other may experience loss of libido, hot flashes, night sweats, and weight gain.

If you feel like your quality of life isn’t in a solid state, then you may be a victim of having imbalanced hormone levels. Hormone imbalance stems from plenty of causes, such as menopause, andropause, and other conditions. The good news is that these hormonal imbalances can easily be managed and balanced with personalized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Bio-identical hormones are the most natural way to treat medical issues that are associated with age-related hormone imbalances. Since they have the same molecular structure as the hormones that your body normally produces, they generate the same responses as your body’s natural hormones.

Why use bio-identical hormones ?

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Over the last 10 years, clinical research has shown that bio-identical hormones have distinct advantages and safety benefits over conventional non-identical oral hormones such as Provera and Premarin.

The North American Menopause Society, the leading academic medical organization that focuses on HRT in women, has recommended bio-identical hormones for relief of symptoms and has endorsed them for their unique safety benefits and dosing customization.

Bio-identical hormones are equally effective as traditional pill form non-identical hormones at treating the target condiions in both men and women: Low T, menopause, hot flashes, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis (bone loss) and other conditions for which they prescribed.

Bio-identical hormones such as testosterone, estradiol and progesterone, share the same exact chemical structure as your body’s own hormones, which adds to their safety profile. Some large studies have even suggested a reduced breast cancer risk with female HRT when compared to traditional hormone replacement.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

At Paukman BioAge Clinic, bio-identical hormones are delivered via implantation under the skin or through a cream applied to the skin, as opposed to traditional pills. This avoids them from being broken down in the liver to toxic products that can turn on cancer genes.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) allows for very flexible and individualized dosing as multiple hormones can be combined for balanced replacement that addresses multiple symptoms as once. They are prescribed, like other medications, and can be custom compounded by specially trained pharmacists, to allow for unique administrations such as implantation.

Paukman BioAge Clinic – Life and Love Enhanced

At Paukman BioAge Clinic we focus on applying the latest techniques in bio-identical hormone replacement and age management medicine to restore youthful function and improve your quality of life.

Hormone replacement therapy
bio-identical therapy

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Our doctors

Hormone replacement by Lev Paukman

HeartLev Paukman MD, PhD

With over forty years of clinical experience and having treated nearly 17,000 patients Dr. Paukman’s expertise includes Internal Medicine, Cardiology, as well as drug addiction therapy and rehabilitation.

Bio-identical by Allen Brotz

HeartAllen Brotz, RPA

Allen Brotz, RPA is a physician assistant in Brooklyn, New York. He is affiliated with NYC Health + Hospitals / Coney Island, Maimonides Medical Center, and New York Methodist Hospital.