Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep May Be Affecting More Than You Realize

Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep May Be Affecting More Than You Realize

Is your lack of a good night’s sleep affecting your health or is your health affecting your ability to get a good night’s sleep? According to Jerome Goodman’s article “The Secrets of Sleep” in the October 23, 2017 issue of the New Yorker, sleep issues and disorders are common and gaining the attention of the medical field:

“There’s a field of sleep science dedicated to the biology of repose. Sleep medicine has become a specialty, with fellowship training programs and clinics devoted to caring for those suffering from sleep disorders. And these disorders are not rare. Some forty-seven million adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation, do not get a restorative night’s sleep. In the workplace, sleep deprivation results in injuries and decreased productivity, which is thought to cost the U.S. eighteen billion dollars each year. As many as 1.2 million car crashes—twenty per cent of the annual total—can be attributed to tired drivers, so it could be said that lack of sleep causes thousands of deaths and injuries every year.”

Goodman continues, referencing the work of Meir Kryger:

“Kryger offers a comprehensive analysis of physical conditions that can impair our sleep. Women may experience insomnia owing to the normal hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual cycle and to the changes in hormonal regulation that occur with menopause. (He is rightly cautious about whether so-called “andropause,” a decline in testosterone levels among one to two per cent of men as they age, also contributes to insomnia.) Restless-leg syndrome, which causes lower limbs to spontaneously move and often cramp, is associated with certain vitamin deficiencies but often occurs without a known reason. It is a common cause of disturbed sleep in the elderly, and treatment varies from replenishing the deficient vitamin to prescribing drugs that alter neurotransmitters in the brain.”

Read the entire article for more insight and advice regarding sleep issues.

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