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Getting older has always been a tough but imminent prospect for men and women. As we grow older, hormones begin to fade and decrease. Testosterone levels drop about one per cent each year, so by age 50, your testosterone level is about 50 per cent of that in your youth! And depending on your lifestyle choices, like smoking and alcohol consumption, that number soars even higher. Although this is typically a concern for men, testosterone deficiency plays a role for women, as well.

Common negative side effects of aging – decreased metabolism, loss of energy, and dwindling sex drive – are directly correlated to hormone imbalances and testosterone loss. While these consequences can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being, there is good news: Hormonal therapy can help negate the side effects that follow testosterone loss. So if you’re like most people and want to feel young and happy again, hormonal therapy may be the right decision for you.

Hormonal therapy is an anti-aging method that works to balance your testosterone to healthy and safe levels. Losing testosterone often causes fatigue, memory loss, weight gain, irritability, depression, prostate problems, sexual dysfunction (low sex drive, erectile dysfunction), and more. The most effective way to Testosterone Therapy is Pellet Therapy, and at Paukman BioAge Clinic, we offer safe and effective anti-aging therapy methods for those who want to improve their lives and feel young again. Dr. Paukman has found that raising testosterone levels back to what they were between the ages of 25-30 restores mental quickness and clarity, motivation, and energy levels. Mood swings and depression diminish, sex drive increases, and physical strength improves.

Hormonal therapy can be the positive change you need to feel younger. If you want to learn more about Testosterone therapy and about its benefits, request an appointment.